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30 April

A' Level & O' Level payment should   be paid on or before the date above

O' Levels : $ 13 per subject
A' Levels : $ 26 per subject

13 May

Schools Open

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Welcome to Oriel Boys High . Located in the low density suburbs of Chisipite in Harare Zimbabwe, Oriel Boys' core business is to provide educational services to high school pupils. Our aim is to give prospective parents an insight into what we have to offer. We are a goal focused school, and are truly proud of the enviable standards of education we have established. The purpose of the school is to provide an enjoyable and successful learning environment in order to produce well adjusted, creative individuals who fulfill their potential and are prepared for living and will contribute meaningfully to society. As you browse through this site we are sure that you will become convinced that Oriel Boys High School will be your primary school of choice in Zimbabwe.